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Scoring Blade

Carbide Tipped Split Scoring Blade – 120mm x 20mm x 24t.  2pc. set with shims to match kerf of main blade.

$ 152.00

Glue Line Rip Tablesaw Blades

Great for ripping, cross cutting and mitered joints. Good blade for solid woods as well as particle board.

$ 115.00 $ 209.00

Combination Tablesaw Blades

Combination saw for almost every use. This blade will rip, cross-cut and miter solid woods as well as cut particle board and plywood.

$ 112.00 $ 220.00

Alternate Top Bevel Tablesaw Blades

Flat faced teeth with alternating top bevels sever wood fibers first from one side & then the other

$ 122.00 $ 299.00

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